Pressure Vessels

More than 50 years designing, constructing, installing, repairing and providing official approval for pressure vessels of all shapes and sizes, as well as for steam boilers and other equipment

One of Mercier’s main activity lines is the construction of pressure vessels pursuant to international regulations. To this end, it has extensive experience in different markets and sectors.

Our company has ISO 9001-2008 certification. To construct and design pressure vessels, we abide by different regulations, such as the European Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23 EC and the specific standard chosen by the customer (ASME, CODAP, AD Merkblatter,…). We are also specialised in large sized equipment with complex interior configuration where high precision is required.

We work with both carbon steel and stainless steel, and we have all the recourses and capabilities to be able to offer high quality standards at competitive prices.

Mercier has manufactured steam boilers and combustion equipment under several licences, produced in-house, since 1939. That is why we offer an optimal maintenance service and all types of spare parts for this type of equipment.