Mercier, committed to industrial progress

Mercier is an Aragonese company with more than 150 years of history, which helps industrial sectors in Spain and the world to optimize and make their production processes more competitive. All this, through engineering projects and manufacturing of machinery and capital goods, applying optimisation and energy efficiency criteria.

We are committed to industrial promotion and progress, participating in national and international projects in sectors as diverse as sugar, paper, chemicals, renewable energies, cement and waste, among others.

We face the future with commitment and determination for an efficient and sustainable industry, where the stakes are high - the planet and the future of the people we are part of.

With our work we also want to generate progress in our territory, creating impact in economic and employment terms, building alliances with other industries and organizations, thus aiming for more ambitious global objectives that benefit everyone.


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Mercier is tradition, history and recognition, but it is also future and commitment, leading the progress, efficiency and sustainability of a new industry.