The ultimate objective of all the activities of our organisation is achieve our customers’ satisfaction.

The after-sales service provides customers with immediate technical support in the face of any situation.

Our engineers are permanently available to attend to emergency situations, from our facilities or travelling to customers’ factories.

Our equipment offer is completed with the services described below:

Due to the size of certain pieces of equipment and therefore, the inherent transport difficulties, this equipment must sometimes be sent in several parts.

That is why we offer assembly solutions for this type of equipment, varying from supervision to turnkey solutions.

Whatever the solution, the objective is for the equipment to be correctly assembled so that it can be commissioned and operate to the customer’s satisfaction.

With our field staff and engineers in Zaragoza we can offer a range of services to maintain the equipment in good conditions and with unbeatable features.

  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Audit
  • Optimisation

As a machinery construction company, Mercier maintains very high quality and production standards, so the spare parts manufactured by Mercier allow the machinery to continue working at a very high level: the main objective of an industry such as a sugar mill.