Mercier has extensive experience in manufacturing equipment for Extraction, Presses, Evaporation, Crystallization and Cooling (massecuite receivers), among others. Please select the one you are interested in to obtain detailed information about each one of them.


This is one of the most complex processes in the sugar manufacturing process. It consists of dissolving the sucrose (sugar) contained in the vacuoles of the centre of the cut sugar beet (cossette) This diffusion or osmosis of sucrose in water is carried out in continuous diffusers.

Mercier has proprietary technology to design, manufacture, supply, modernise, maintain and relocate RT continuous diffusers.

Pulp presses

The exhausted cossettes coming from the diffuser with dry matter of between 8% and 12%, are submitted to mechanical pressing in horizontal double-propeller presses, to obtain up to 34% dry matter.

The water from presses returns to the diffuser to extract any residual sugar it contains.

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Mechanical pressing is the most economical procedure known to eliminate water, to the limit admitted by the product. The alternative would be drying, burning fossil fuels with a considerably higher energy cost. Consequently, very few campaigns achieve a return on investment in a press workshop.

The pressing of the exhausted cossettes is the first stage of the process to manufacture cattle pellets. The exhausted cossette, a by-product of the sugar manufacturing process, has an outlet in the international pellet market.

Designing high-efficiency double-propeller pulp presses led us to the need to design and construct the necessary machine-tools to drill filtering screen plates. Mercier is the only press manufacturer that has a specific drilling shop for this purpose.

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The evaporation installations concentrate up to 70% of the dry matter from the refined liquid, to later be crystallised.

Mercier’s latest technological development is a falling film evaporator adapted for sugar industries.

Under customer requirements and specifications, it also designs and supplies other types of evaporators, such as Robert and Kestner.

The experience we have accumulated with dozens of installed evaporators enables us to design, manufacturer and assemble complete turnkey evaporation plants on site.

We have the necessary means to supply any size or type of evaporator, based on concrete specifications for each application.

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Batch pans

The concentrated juice from the evaporators becomes crystallised in cooking appliances, called batch pans. During the cooking, the desired number of crystals are obtained and their size is increased.

  • Design based on more than 50 years’ working experience with appliances of up to 70 cu.m.
  • Made of S275JR carbon steel or AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Applicable both in sugar plants and refineries.
  • Standard capacities until 70m3.
  • Designed and manufactured under the European Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23 EC and the specific standard chosen by the customer (ASME, CODAP, AD Merkblatter…). EC Certification
Massecuite rehaeater

C-massecuite reheater with counter-current finned pipes.

For flow volumes varying from 8 to 60 tons/hours of C-massecuite.

Massecuite receivers

The Mercier massecuite receivers are manufactured under the strictest quality requirements. We have carried out R&D programmes in order to improve and obtain the best technology, bearing in mind the quality, reliability and efficiency of our equipment.


– Horizontal massecuite receiver:

  • Centre axle with detachable shafts and without intermediate bearing hub
  • Sealing by stuffing box
  • Optimized power through planetary gear
  • Stainless steel scraping-cleaning system
  • Stirring coils adapted to the type of product
  • Increased in-line installation flexibility
  • Low maintenance
  • Better cost compared with other systems

– Vertical massecuite receiver:

  • Maximum molasse extraction
  • Simple and reliable operation
  • Reduced space requirement
  • It promotes product cooling by means of a cooling circuit in order to obtain increased transfer of sucrose during the crystallisation process
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ABR type Silos

After the drying process and prior to its bulk or packed distribution, the sugar is stored silos.

With ABR licence, Mercier manufactured different sizes of automatic air-conditioned metal silos.

We have the necessary know-how and technical information to carry out maintenance, replenishments, improvements and modernisations of existing silos.

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