Screen plates

Our mechanodrilled plates are used in filtering and pressing processes, and the range we offer can be used in the sugar industry for sugar beet pulp presses, as well as in paper mills, food industry, etc

Our in-house designed and constructed machine-tools enable us to manufacture filtering screen plates and baskets with different hole configurations (cylindrical, conical, bi-cylindrical and cylindrical-conical) and slotted configurations, used for pressing and filtering in different industrial processes.

To increase efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, we offer our range of filtering screen plates and baskets.

Our manufacturing process has the following advantages with respect to the swaging filtering process:

  • Thicker plates and baskets can be made because the mechanodrilling process has no limitations in terms of hole diameter – sheet thickness – distance between holes, which are typical of swaging processes.
  • Versatility in terms of materials as this process can be applied both for carbon steel and stainless steel, achieving excellent finishes that are ideal for applying subsequent treatment.
Drilled screen plates for pulp presses

Manufacture of plates and baskets for first equipment and as spare parts for our presses as well as for other makes, both for the sugar industry and for pressing and filtering processes (food, paper, etc.).

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Types of hole

This technique offers the possibility of drilling different configurations.

Polished plates, electro-polished plates, with hard chrome surfaces and with other treatments are supplied on demand.

Types of high production profiles

This technique offers the possibility of carrying out high-production profiles, of the type called Lehman, countersunk, etc…

Open Area (%)

This table corresponds to the open areas generally used according to hole diameters and distances between holes in equilateral triangle arrangement, which ensures greater resistance of the plate.


The drilled plate is one of the main elements in different industrial processes such as purification, filtering, pressing and many others. Among these processes, slotted baskets are used for paper mills, plates for sugar pulp presses, plates for food industry machinery, etc.

Construction examples